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You deserve the life and relationships you’ve always wanted.

So often in our lives, we’ve wanted things that we thought we couldn’t have.  This is true for our careers, our friendships, and most of all our relationships.

I’m here to help you figure out how to make the changes you want to you can live the life you really want.

I am a polyamorous, kinky, and spiritual person, as well as a trained coach.  I help individuals and polycules break through the frustrations of your stuck lives and bring about the changes you all need to live a life of growth!

If you’re in a CNM relationship or an individual wanting to make sure that your next relationship is rooted in your health heart seize the moment and contact me bellow.  

“As a small business owner, my sessions with Erik were invaluable. He gave me the opportunity to talk through some issues in the business in a safe and supportive way, where I didn’t fear judgment and could truly talk through the different pros and cons. He empowered me to take the step to level up my business my having difficult, and ultimately productive, conversations with several of my teachers at the studio. Thank you Erik for your help!”

Sarah Wilkinson Saugerties Yoga,

Seize Your Moment