About Erik


Erik W. House (he/they) M.A., is a love and relationship coach, along with being a spiritual guide and healer, he works closely with people in the polyamorous, consensual non-monogamy (CNM), and kink/BDSM relationships.  He helps both individuals, as well as, polycules in digging down to find what their unmet needs are so that his clients can create the lives and relationships they want.

As a neurodivergent child, he was often made fun of, called names like retard, freak, just to say some of the nicer ones.  He felt a profound sense of loneliness, and separation much of his young life.  He felt unworthy of care and attention, and when he finally started dating in his 20s he was willing to do “whatever” it took to feel as if he was being loved and cared for…but those relationships we hardly ever loving or caring. 

After a number of relationships that ended up with broken hearts, often his own, Erik realized he needed to take some time and start to find out what he was missing, but they also knew what he was missing wasn’t outside of himself.  He started to work on clarity of the kind of relationships (polyamorous) and other BIG YESES, and BIG NOS he wanted in his life.  With that clarity, he started to move into creating the life he’s always wanted.


black and white photo of Erik, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, left hand resting on chin while facing camera. He has a beard and glasses

While working as a coach and a spiritual guide, he found that often people’s unmet needs are based on fears (his sure were), and they believe that we all deserve to have the chance to live a life that’s not rooted in fear.

He believes that all parts of our lives are aspects of our spiritual journey, and two aspects that often don’t get seen as part of that journey are our sexual and romantic relationships.  Those who practice kink, BDSM, polyamory, and CNM should have access to spiritual practitioners, coaches, as well as licensed professionals who are willing and able to accept us as we are.

Erik has spent 14 years heavily involved with the human potential movement.  While working at the Omega Institute, Erik would commonly lead discussion groups on polyamory and consensual non-monogamy.  He’s also lead group energy healing sessions for staff and Qigong classes for guests.  

He’s taken courses with many big names in the human potential movement including Stan Grof, Brett Bevell, Gay Hendricks, Lokita Carter, Nick Ortner, and Robert Peng just to name a few! 

Erik has studied: psychosynthesis, life coaching, transpersonal leadership, energy healing, QiGong, tarot, feminism, transpersonal psychology, system theory, relationship structure, relationship energetics, and neo-tantra. 

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