I offer a number of services, which you can more about by following the links below.  These include Life and Relationship Coaching, Energy Work and Intuition readings, as well as the Seize Your Moment Intensive.

Seize Your Moment Intensive

If you’re wanting to make massive changes to your life,  this intensive is for you.  Seize the moment and break the patterns that have been holding you back!

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Life and Relationship Coaching

I offer life and relationship coaching for individuals, polycules, and moresomes, that is rooted deeply in psychosynthesis.

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Spiritual Guidance and  Energy Work

In addition to coaching, I am trained in spiritual psychology and many forms of energy healing.  If you’re in need of these services click below.

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I have received many Tarot readings from Erik, and each time he always approached the reading and me with compassion and whimsy that is authentic to who he is.  Erik’s Tarot readings will have you going to the depths of what your current challenges are in your life right now and help you understand how you can move past, and if needed sit with those challenges.  He is one of the very few people I would trust to receive a tarot and/or intuitive reading from.

Dustin Harris


My tarot reading with Erik was very thorough and answered some questions I had about what to do next. Erik was very patient and kind and made sure to not miss anything.


Erik was a remote guest on my podcast, Making It Up, and during our conversation, we began to chat about tarot and oracle cards/readings. On the spot, Erik read a tarot card for me based on a question I had about my business plans. IT WAS SPOT ON! Erik sent me a photo of the card after our interview and it really helped to visualize the interpretation he shared.
Filomena Jack