Life and Relationship Coaching

Individual life and relationship coaching: $200 a session for a forty-five-minute session.  Packages of 10 can be purchased for $1600.

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Polycule/Moresome sessions: $500 per person up to four, ninety-minute sessions, $700 per person up to six, ninety-minute sessions.  If your polycule or moresome has a larger number please contact me for prices.
Polycule and Moresome packages are available upon request.

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I offer scholarships, payment plans, and other services to help make these services available to anyone who needs them.  Please contact me below if you’re in need of these services.

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“My experience with Erik has been so, so great. It’s easy for me to see when I’m running into walls, but harder for me to find my way through them. Erik asks amazing questions and continually has helped me reveal what lies underneath my patterns.
His intuitive sense is on point, and he just always seems to know where to go from wherever we are. I really appreciate how Erik gently leans into the things that really matter. I’ve been really good at running away from myself, especially the parts that don’t want to be seen, and Erik calls attention to when I’m doing it (often when I don’t even realize I am) without judgment or force.
He invites me back to focus, and I often breakthrough hard things without it feeling stressful. I’m surprised every session at how deep we go so easily, and I’ve had big mindset shifts that become life shifts as a result of working together. His cheerfulness, optimism, and even keel helps me bring patience and ease to what feels like huge issues/problems. Also, we laugh a lot, which is really nice.
Working with Erik has been so awesome and I’d gladly recommend it to anyone who is breathing.”


Ali Schmidt